Linux Foundation 开源软件大学人才激励计划

Linux基金会自2011年开始,每年都会启动 LiFT 奖学金计划,为有理想、热爱学习的开发人员、系统管理员、开源新手等提供培训机会,让更多人了解开源、学习开源、参与开源。


Linux Foundation开源软件大学人才激励计划申请人,可以来自任何行业,从事任何工作,不管你是否有技术背景,是否了解过开源,只要填写表单,表现出对技术的热情和开源的兴趣,就有机会入选。(不知道如何填写?来看看 LiFT 奖学金计划获奖者介绍吧)


The Linux Foundation Training started LiFT Scholarship in 2011. Since then, this scholarship program have been launching every year to provide opportunities for promising developers, system administrators or open source newbies. Through training opportunities, more people can participate in building a brighter future of open source.


As open source power in China continues to grow. Linux Foundation Open Source Software University officially launched this scholarship program in China from Fall 2020. We welcome applicants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


Applicants from any industries and job engagement are welcome to participate in LiFT Scholarship Program, Greater China 2020. Applicants with any technical background or knowledge about open source can join this program. Candidates who have submitted the application and showed your passion and enthusiasm about open source technology, your interest in open source, the candidates will have the opportunity to be selected. (If you don’t know how to fill in the application, please take reference to the introduction of the Global winners of the LiFT Scholarship here).


The winner of the program can choose one of the courses from the Linux Foundation Open Source Software University course catalogue. Upon completion of the training course, candidates in different categories will be granted for an opportunity to take the corresponding certification exam from the Linux Foundation, the Linux Foundation Open Source Software University will sponsor the winners to take the courses and certification exams. The valid period for applying for the scholarship program is from September 11, 2020 to October 12, 2020.


Here are the categories of the LiFT Scholarship program:


College Students


Age between 18 – 24, students or postgraduate students who are interested in , have participated in or used open source software but have not studied open source software systematically.


Fresh Graduates


For new IT professionals who are new to the workplace and confused about the future direction, we are willing to provide you with an excellent opportunity for comprehensive learning.


Woman in Open Source


Women who have contributed talents or demonstrated outstanding leadership in the open source field are welcome to participate in this event, and women who are willing to participate in open source are also invited to join us to grow.


Open Source developers or contributors


We invite open source software developers and open source project contributors to apply for this program. This is an opportunity for in-depth learning. Developers who are interested in open source, this is a great opportunity for them.


Open Source Community Stars


The open source community is the soil for the vigorous development of open source. Many open source community stars are actively contributing to China's open source ecosystem. We invite open source community stars to join our plan to bring more positive energy to the community.


Open Source Volunteer


Volunteers from open source communities and open source projects can apply this program. We hope that through this program, we will provide them with a systematic learning and opportunity to grow.


Open Source Enthusiast


Other than developers, anyone who are engaged in the IT industry with no in-depth knowledge of open source are welcome to apply for this program. This is a key to help everyone open the door to a new world of open source.


Newbies to Open Source


For newbies who don’t know anything about open source. This is an excellent opportunity to help them to understand open source in-depth, so that they can contribute back to open source in the future.


As a winner of the LiFT Scholarship program, besides the course and certification award, you have additional opportunity to make the one of the following wishes come true:

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